Dear users.
In order to provide you with a more convenient and better fixed investment tool, the function of [SaveInvest] is upgraded again to support 2 types of automatic deduction methods.
You can transfer your assets to your [SaveInvest Proprietary Account] in advance, and when your portfolio turns on the [SaveInvest] switch, the corresponding USDT or pUSD will be deducted from your [SaveInvest Proprietary Account] by default for each investment period. When the balance in the [Saving Investment Account] is insufficient, the system will initiate the deduction of the corresponding USDT or pUSD from the [Current Account], but not from both accounts at the same time. Dedicated Account]
The platform will create an exclusive wallet based on Mixin Network for each user, and the user can choose to deposit USDT or pUSD into this wallet for automatic investment. The account will provide an access token to the account, through which the user can check the current position in the Mixin Network browser in real time, and the assets of the account will not be misappropriated except for the automatic deduction of funds by the SaveEnhancer function. The assets of the Saver Investing exclusive account can be accessed by the user at any time, and will not be locked and no gains will be made. Warm Tips.
When there is sufficient amount of USDT or pUSD in the Saver Investing exclusive account or YuCinBao account, the deduction is successful and the fixed investment is completed and automatically executed. When the amount of USDT or pUSD in your account is insufficient, you will be required to pay manually, and the system will send a message to the user that the order has been created, please pay in time. Thank you for your support to ExinOne!
ExinOne Team