Dear Users.
EPC (ExinOne Point Coin), is a point on the ExinOne platform that can be used to offset the transaction fees incurred by users when trading with ExinOne.
100 EPC is worth 1 USDT of transaction fees.
EPCs must be credited to the EPC account in order to be credited.
I. How to get EPC?
1、Complete the tasks in the task center to get the EPC reward;
2、Transfer assets to your liquidity pool Account or Savings Account, you can enjoy EPC airdrop every day;
3、Invite your friends to use ExinOne, you can get EPC rewards ;
4、ExinOne does not provide EPC transactions, but can be transferred to your wallet to offset the fees of other Exin products.
II.Use of EPC
1、It can be used to offset the commission of trading in ExinOne;
2、ExinPool node exit fee;
ExinPool's node exit service fee is 0.2%, which can be deducted by using EPC as a priority (you need to pay the EPC in Mixin wallet).
Above, ExinOne has the final right to interpret the EPC rules, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mixin: 7000101276
Thank you for your support of ExinOne!