Savings is ExinOne's signature digital currency value-added service, a product featuring low risk, stable returns, and the ability to deposit and withdraw as you go.
About the Savings product description.
ExinOne will provide users with demand and term banking services in specific currencies. USDT coins will be used in the lending business of the platform, and the lending business is secured by the corresponding assets, so there is no need to worry about other risks such as coin theft.
XIN coins will be used for the node business of Mixin Network, and the node coins will be pledged to the main network, so the assets are safe and secure.
EOS coins will be mainly used for node voting, assets do not need to be moved, only the corresponding node rewards are obtained through voting, assets are safe and reliable.
demand finance business account is demand storage, will not be locked, deposit and withdraw as you go.
The demand finance account is fixed interest, and the platform may adjust the interest rate according to the fluctuation of the market, subject to the corresponding page display.
The platform will publicize the financial management route.
Current account also supports automatic deduction of fixed investment and saving investment.
If you have any other questions, please contact your account manager
Last modified 1yr ago