One Click to Light Up Icons

Dear users.
ExinOne, together with Mixin team, has officially launched the [One-Click Icon Lighting] campaign with the following rules.
The campaign page will show all the coins with avatars supported by Mixin wallet, users can directly click the corresponding icon to light up the corresponding coin icon in the wallet. The rest of the supported coins can be found in the Add Assets page and will not be shown in the wallet by default.
Users can choose to click on the icons one by one, or there is [One Click to Light Up Mixin Wallet] below, you can light up the coin icons of the wallet with one click, after clicking the button, wait for a few seconds, the icons on the activity page will be lit up one by one, just wait, please don't close the page.
Each time you click on the button, you will get 0.00000001 number of coins, and the activity will be ongoing. Every time you add a new coin, the icon will be added to the activity page, and you can keep lighting it up.
Thank you for your support of the ExinOne team!
ExinOne Team
Last modified 1yr ago